2013 Music Reading Session

Try Before You Buy!

Chamber Music Reading Session

Bring your oboes, English Horns and bassoons and sit in with your colleagues as we read through some exciting new publications for double reed chamber music.

Here is a chance to hear live and in person some new compositions and/or arrangements and purchase what you like on the spot.

Several prominent music publishing houses have supported Oboes on the Ohio by providing double reed ensemble music to be read and reviewed. Bring your instruments and join in the fun and learning. We will have music from different eras and countries and for a variety of instrument combinations.

Oboe and Piano
Adler, Samuel- Canto XX
      Ludwig Masters 50420001
Bach, Johann Christian- Andante Cantabile
      Ludwig Masters 10420234
Bach, Johann Sebastian/Harris- Two Minuets
      Ludwig Music Publishing 10420170
Bartok, Bela/Szeszler- Bagpipers
      Masters Music Publications M1805
Bartok, Bela/Szeszler- Three Folksongs from the Csik District
      Masters Music Publications M2018
Beethoven, Ludwig van/Hanson- Bagatelle
      Ludwig Music Publishing 10420210
Dukas, Paul/Gillet- Alla Gitana
     Masters Music Publications M2239
Foote, Arthur- Three Pieces, Op. 31
     Masters Music Publications M3131
Franck and Faure/Doney- Two Pieces
     Masters Music Publications M2926
Gliere, Reinhold- Two Pieces, Op. 35, Nos 3, 4
     Masters Music Publications M3939
Goossens, Eugène- Concerto
     Masters Music Publications M1930
Hall, Percy- Reverie and Country Dance
     Giant Works Publishing 20420265
Handel, G. F./Hanson- Minuet and Allegretto
     Ludwig Music Publishing 10420209
Harty, Hamilton- Chansonette
     The Well-Tempered Press W1058
Harty, Hamilton- Three Miniatures
     Masters Music Publications M3278
Jolivet, André- Serenade
     Masters Music Publications M3056
Krommer, Franz/Racek and Suchy- Concerto in F, Op. 52
     Masters Music Publications M2922
Loeillet, Jean Baptiste/Béon- Sonata in G, Op. 1, No 2
     Masters Music Publications M3630
Marpurg, Fr. W.- Minuet
     Ludwig Music Publishing S-10A41
Paladilhe, Emile- Solo pour Hautbois
     Masters Music PublicationsM3179
Ponchielli, Amilcare- Capriccio
     Masters Music Publications M1681
Rameau. J. P./Scarmolin- La Villageoise
     Ludwig Music Publishing S-10A31
Ravel, Maurice/Leonard- Minuet and Rigaudon from Le Tombeau de Couperin
     Masters Music Publications M2873
Ravel, Maurice/Piguet- Pavane pour une infante défunte
     Masters Music Publications M2110
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai/McAlister- Variations on a Theme by Mikhail Glinka
     Ludwig Masters M3103
Rothwell, Evelyn- Five Pieces from the Eighteenth Century
     Masters Music Publications M1684
Rubbra, Edmund- Sonata in C, Op 100
     Ludwig Masters M3081
Saint-Saens, Camille/Lalliet- Romance
     The Well-Tempered Press W1007
Sammartini, Giovanni Battista/Rothwell- Sonata in G
     Masters Music PublicationsM3519
Sinigaglia, Leone- Twelve Variations on a Theme by Franz Schubert, Op 19
     Masters Music Publications M2924
Vivaldi, Antonio/Szeszler and Nagy- Concerto in a minor
     Masters Music Publications M2722
Bassoon and Piano
Davis, Albert O.- Polka Dot Polka
     Ludwig Masters 50430001
Two oboes and English horn
Kibbe, Michael- Suite (In the Baroque manner), Op. 75
Four Bassoons
Kibbe, Michael- Quartet, Op. 57
4 oboes (4th oboe optionally oboe d’amore), 2 English horns, 2 bassoons with optional contra
Kibbe, Michael- Four Carols, Op. 76