2012 Music Reading Session

Try Before You Buy!

Chamber Music Reading Session

Bring your oboes, English Horns and bassoons and sit in with your colleagues as we read through some exciting new publications for double reed chamber music.

Here is a chance to hear live and in person some new compositions and/or arrangements and purchase what you like on the spot.

Several prominent music publishing houses have supported Oboes on the Ohio by providing double reed ensemble music to be read and reviewed. Bring your instruments and join in the fun and learning. We will have music from different eras and countries and for a variety of instrument combinations.


Oboe and Piano
Albeniz, I./arr Jerry Lanning- Tango
Fentone F324 (Hal Leonard 44005739) $11.95
Tárrega, Francisco- Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Schott ED09861 (Hal Leonard 49018502) $5.99
Oboe and Piano (CD accompaniment included)
arr. Philip Sparke- Classical Solos for Oboe
Hal Leonard HL00842543 $12.99
One or Two Oboes
Holliger, Heinz- a reedy Double
Schott OBB46 (Hal Leonard 49017738) $5.99
Two Oboes
Schmidt, William- Variations on a theme of Prokofiev
Western International Music WIM403 $5.00
Oboe and English horn
Arr. Elkjer, Robert- Oboe/English Horn Duets, Vol. 1 in a jazz style
robertelkjer.com (Imagine Music)
Arr. Elkjer, Robert- Oboe/English Horn Duets, Vol. 2 based on great classical melodies
robertelkjer.com (Imagine Music)
Running, Arne- Prelude and Quodlibet
Fred Capps (Imagine Music) $20.00
Solo Bassoon
Cowles, Colin- Ebb and Flow
Cool Music Cool15 (Hal Leonard 44005607) $4.95
Cowles, Colin- Out of Character
Cool Music Cool14 (Hal Leonard 44005606) $4.95
Bassoon and Piano
Spohr, Louis- Adagio
Schott ED80988 (Hal Leonard 49018690) $16.95
Tansman, Alexandre- Suite
Max Eschig 7123 (Hal Leonard 50560449 $23.95
Two Bassoons
Annis, Jonathan- This Title May Vary
Imagine Music IMS121
Keyes, Nelson- Bassooneries
Western International Music BMP71 $5.00
Oboe and Bassoon
Bach, JS/arr. William Schmidt- Three Inventions, Vol 1
Western International Music WIM523 $8.00
Bach, JS/arr William Schmidt- Contrapunctus XIII from Art of the Fugue
Western International Music WIM735 $6.00
Miaskovsky, Nikolai and Vassily Barvinsky/arr. William Schmidt- Five Russian Duets
Western International Music WIM853 $11.00
English horn and Bassoon
Pachelbel, Johann/arr. William Schmidt- Nine Fugues on the Magnificat
WIM455 $8.00
Three Oboes
Graupner, Christoph- Suite F Dur
C. F. Peters Nr. 4564 $16.50
Two Oboes and English horn
Brian Jones- 5 Elfin Pieces
Cimarron Music Press CM1852 $15.00
Ravel, Maurice/arr. William Schmidt- Fugue from Le Tombeau de Couperin
Western International Music WIM755 $8.00
Oboe, English horn and Bassoon
Carlton, Marvin J.- Trio
Imagine Music CMS108 $30.00
Chabrier, Emmanuel/arr. William Schmidt- Idylle
Western International Music WIM 608 $13.00
Harbison, John- Trio Sonata
Associated Music (Hal Leonard) HL50482451 $9.95
Prokofiev, Sergei/arr. William Schmidt- Three Pieces, Op 65
WIM709 $10.00
English horn and Two Bassoons
Bach, JS/arr. William Schmidt- Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme
Western International Music WIM671 $7.00
Three Bassoons
Genzmer, Harald- Trio für drei Fagotte
C. F. Peters Nr. 8679 $55.00
Rath, Carl- Dona Nobis Pacem
Imagine Music CMS124 $10.00
Four Bassoons
Baldwin, Daniel- Ballade
Imagine Music IMW062 $12.00
Daniel Baldwin- Maverick Fanfare
Imagine Music CMS1614 $16.00
Maxwell, Charles- Idyls of Four Goblins
Western International Music AV068 $17.00
Two Oboes, English horn and Bassoon
Anonymous (Court of Henry VIII, ca. 1520)/arr. Freihofner- Madame d’amours
Philip Freihofner $9.00
Bach, JS/arr. William Schmidt- Air from Suite No. 3
Western International Music WIM638 $8.00
Bach, JS/arr. Freihofner- The Italian Concerto
Philip Freihofner $24.00
Baldwin, Daniel- Legend of the Dragonfly
Imagine Music CMS119 $20.00
Freihofner, Philip- Music from “The Golem”
Philip Freihofner $25.00
Schmidt, William- Three Liturgical Preludes
Western International Music AV286 $12.00
Tschaikovsky/Freihofner- Dance of the Little Swans from Swan Lake
Philip Freihofner$10.00
Oboe, English horn and Two Bassoons
Bartok, Bela/arr. William Schmidt- Six Bagatelles for Double Reed Quartet
Western International Music WIM635 $17.00
Beethoven, Ludwig/arr. William Schmidt- Rage Over a Lost Penny
Western International Music WIM838 $8.00
English Traditional/arr. Matthew Morris- Agincourt Song
Imagine Music CMS071 $20.00 (also for Oboe, English horn, Bassoon and Contrabassoon)
Oboe, English horn, Bassoon and Contrabassoon
English Traditional/arr. Matthew Morris- Agincourt Song
Imagine Music CMS071 $20.00 (also for Oboe, English horn and Two Bassoons)
Oboe, English horn, Bassoon and Contrabassoon (with optional Bassoon II)
Brahms, Johannes/arr. Matthew Morris- Intermezzo
Imagine Music CMS116 $20.00
Four Bassoons and Contrabassoon
Brahms, Johannes/arr. Carl Rath- Academic Festival Overture
Imagine Music CMS127 $15.00
Two Oboes, Two English horns and Bassoon
Boccherini, Luigi/arr. William Schmidt- Menuetto
Western International Music WIM819 $10.00
Three Oboes, English horn and Bassoon
Grainger, Percy/arr. William Schmidt- Irish Tune from County Derry
Western International Music WIM866 $13.00
Two Oboes, English horn and Two Bassoons
Grainger, Percy/arr. William Schmidt- Shepherd’s Hey English Morris Dance Tune
Western International Music WIM695 $18.00
Prokofiev, Sergei/arr. William Schmidt- March from “The Love of Three Oranges”
Western International Music WIM684 $10.00
Two Oboes, Two English horns and Two Bassoons
Adson, John/arr. Matthew Morris- Three Courtly Masquing Ayres
Imagine Music CMS1012 $20.00
Two Oboes, English horn, Two Bassoons and Contrabassoon
Baldwin, Daniel- Echoes
Imagine Music CMS113 $20.00
Bassoon Choir
Baldwin, Daniel- Ballade (Seven Bassoons and Contrabassoon)
Imagine Music CMS102 $16.00
16-part Bassoon Ensemble
Baldwin, Daniel- Echoes of the Spheres
Imagine Music CMS1121 $24.00
16-part Double Reed Ensemble (4 Choirs of Double Reeds)
Baldwin, Daniel- Echoes of the Spheres
Imagine Music CMS128 $24.00